At NDBC, we have various manufacturers and styles to choose from when choosing a hearing aid that is right for you. We don't favor any one more then the others, but it's great to have multiple selections and styles to choose from so we can assure we get the best fit and value for you!

We currently work with these manufactures and product lines:

  • Starkey     - 
  • ReSound  -
  • Phonak    -
  • Oticon      -
  • Many wireless accessories

This technology is suitable for people who find themselves in environments with occasional and moderate background noise.  It allows for significant improvement in environments like; small meetings, card games, outdoor activities, quite restaurants, and religious services. 

  • Features are automatic but may require some manual adjustments like increasing or decreasing volume
  • Best for people with a semi-active lifestyle





This level of technology is best for people who live a quiet lifestyle. It allows for improvements in one-on-one conversations, while listening to the TV and radio, talking on the phone, and small group settings.

  • Often requires the user to manually make adjustments like increasing or decreasing volume
  • ​Basic noise reduction


This level of technology is best for people who are in frequent background noise.  It is the most sophisticated level of technology and offers benefits across diverse listening situations like; restaurants, outdoor events, social meetings, theater, music, shopping,  business meetings, religious services, and hearing in the car.

  • Virtually no manual adjustments need to be made as features are automatic 
  • Best clarity of speech – even if the speaker is behind you
  • Best for people with an active lifestyle